"limited editions soon to become collectors items" Ron Milner
Welcome to Eron Enterprises unofficial website

This site is hoping to be the most comprehensive about Eron Enterprises (commonly known as Eron Records) on the internet.

Here you will be able to find a discography, a section on each of the recording artists and a page about Eronís founder, Ron Milner.

I hope you have as much fun going through this site as I am having building it. If you have anything you would like to add, or suggestions of help (especially with missing pieces), please email me at:


HELP! I still need information about and pictures for the following releases:
Eron013 (still don't know what this was)
Eron 015 - Joanne Duo cassette
Eron 021 A Children's Songbook


The name Eron is a contraction of Ron Milner's name and that of his daughter, Erica: Er(ica)+(R)on = Eron

The bird logo (which I have also used as the logo for this site) is a drawing of Ron's Mynah bird, Rastus, who could be heard talking every time I went to Ron's house or called him on the phone. It had a volcabulary of about 30 words, including many expletives!